J.A. Oilfield Services

Vacuum Truck Service

Our vacuum trucks can help with countless clean ups, flushes and maintenance projects around the job site. They are equipped with high CFM vac pumps, tandem and tri-drive units, washer/steamer units and a six-inch vac hose. Call us for:

  • Cement jobs
  • Mud tank cleaning
  • Sump transfers
  • Loss of circulation hauling
  • Ditch water
  • Waste transfers
  • Day-rate trucks and shacks
  • Sewage hauling
  • Field spreading
  • Road spraying

Environment Clean Up

We understand the value of the environment around your site. If there’s a spill, we can help you restore the land to pristine condition.

Call us at 1-888-542-5772 for information or to schedule service.